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R.F. Energy is a holding company operating in the energy sector, incorporated in 2006 as a joint venture between F.G. Europe and First Energy Holdings Ltd, controlled by the Restis Family. The company’s business objective is to plan, develop and control the operation of energy projects, mainly in the field of Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

Through its subsidiary companies R.F. Energy is active in all stages of planning, development and operation of energy projects, starting from the initial design and planning, construction works, operation and maintenance. The company also offers consulting and asset management services to companies operating in the RES industry.

R.F. Energy’s growing portfolio currently consists of wind energy and biogas projects while also the company is actively involved in the planning of new energy projects. We are always up for new investments, while our portfolio, including projects currently in the pipeline, totals to 533MW.

The Company’s sole shareholders are First Energy Holdings Ltd, controlled by the Restis Family (active in shipping, real estate and Media sectors) with 50% ownership and by the company F.G. Europe S.A. controlled by Mr. George Fidakis with a 50% stake.



Korovesis Evangelos President
Feidakis Georgios Vice President & CEO
Pantousis Ioannis Member
Dimitra Marantou Member
Pimplis Nikolaos Member


General Managers:

Evangelos Korovesis
General Manager

Born in Athens in 1951, Mr. Evangelos Korovesis is General Director of R.F. Energy since its incorporation in 2006. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Hellenic Naval Academy and was awarded a Master’s certificate from the Hellenic Naval War School of the Naval Academy, and holds a Master’s degree in Statistics from the Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOE). He retired from active duty in 2006 at the rank of Vice Admiral, and was placed as Honorary Commandant of the Hellenic National Defense College. Today Mr. Korovesis is RF Energy’s General Director.

Ioannis Pantousis
General Manager

Mr. Ioannis Pantousis was born in Serres, Greece in 1955. He is a University of Piraeus (formerly Graduate School of Industrial Studies) graduate with a degree in Business Administration and Statistics. He also holds an MBA from the joint Manchester Business School and INSEAD program. Mr. Pantousis has gained ample experience working in executive positions in the banking sector, specialized in management and credit policy issues. He is the Chief Executive Officer at F.G. Europe and General Manager at R.F. Energy.