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The company provides asset management services to wind power stations and Hydroelectric Power Plants totaling to 64,015MW. Among others, it provides the below Services:

  • Monitoring the operation and productivity of wind power stations
  • Project management – Monitoring the capacity of productivity
  • Contract management 
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Management of insurance policies and relevant claims
  • Tax and Accounting services
  • Organizational and support services

Aioliki Aderes S.A.

3 wind farms with 35.4MW capacity located at “Astrapi 8.8MW”, “Soros 9MW” and “Sabales 17.6MW” sites in the Municipality of Ermionida, Prefecture of Argolida, Peloponnese. The wind farms started their operation in 2012 and consist of 12 wind turbines Vestas V90/3MW.

Kallisti Energiaki S.A.

15 MW wind farm “Tsouka” at Tripolis municipality in the Prefecture of Arkadia, Peloponnese. The wind farm started its operation in 2008 and consists of 5 wind turbines Vestas V90/3MW.

Aioliki Kylindrias S.A.

10 MW wind farm “Lofoi Kylindrias” in the municipality of Kilkis in the prefecture of Kilkis, Macedonia. The wind park started its operation in 2009 and consists of 5 wind turbines Vestas V90/2MW.

Hydroelectriki Achaias S.A.

2 Small Hydroelectric Power Plants SHPP 2.6MW and 1.015MW at Kerinitis river in the municipality of Aigialia perfecture of Achaia Peloponese. SHPP Kerinitis 2.6MW is operational since 2005 and SHPP Agios Andreas 1.015MW is operational since 2009.